Gone, moved on – 1/21/18

IMG_20180106_163349Everything is dead.  The soul of the world is dead, moved on, or just gone.
It’s not like before when life was real.
What I see and hear now is an empty replica; castaways of this dimension
keeping a heart beating on life support. Because what else can we do? Die?
It wouldn’t be so bad. Everybody does it. It’s a false-front Old West town
without the necessity; a life-like exhibit at the zoo.
If we buy this, then life will be real.
If we log in and let the simulation do the hard work, then we’re living.
The world today is a party where little by little the guests got word of a better party
somewhere else and trickled out. We’re alive today with the music still going
and hors d’oeuvres left out, but the life of the party is gone, moved on.
It’s a copy made from memory, a burnt disc of greatest hits and see-through strangers
who don’t know any better. If I could only check out, but where would I go?
I don’t know where home is. It’s a feeling I’ve had in a dream, not a place!
Everything is dead here now. It’s not so bad though…
but it’s not that great either; but it’s not so bad.
It could be worse. At least we have each other, right?
The transparencies of EachOther. The billions of usernames,
and how can we be alone when we’re all logged in?
We’re more connected than ever before, but something didn’t go through. A piece is missing.
Does anyone else even notice? Or is it just me? The half-dead copies of what they conceive
because what else can we do? Die? Leave?
It wouldn’t be so bad. It wouldn’t be that good either…
The soul of the world is dead and we’re lost in an all-too familiar exhibit.
Just like the real thing, but something’s missing.
The soul of the inhabitants are dead, moved on, or just gone. Gone.
Can it really be this lonely and empty?
Maybe it’s just me and my own soul’s just left me.
Gone, moved on.

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