Cold Ache in a Hollow Place – 10/24/16

When fear mounts, hides, and turns inside
like a fist clenching a key inside a frozen lock
there’s a cold ache in a hollow place
empty and waiting, forgotten but far from gone
A fear that feeds when not faced
It grows behind closed doors, ignored
with a cruel twist and a wicked sneer
eyes that were once benign and kind. . .
laughing, watching, becoming the storm
Once the sun shone and weakened the shadows
almost a god in a godless world
Now darkness creeps in like the clouds in the cold
and the ache in the hollow place waits
till enough is enough and fear loses faith
in the weakness of man and time turns
backward, back until the clocks can start again
and fear shrinks like shadows
in the sunlight of an ignorant world.


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