New Beginnings – 9/15

I’m at the end of my rope and hanging on
to the knot tied long ago and then forgot
Whether a journey or a far off destination
the answers I seek along this road I walk
are revealed in the conscious contact I’ve sought
“Have you had enough?” I believe I have
A decade is millennia to a mind with no rest
This bottomless pit that I’ve dug is my test
for the glow that I see at the top of the hole
is the sun of my sins setting slowly in the west
The burden I carry ages my soul
and I glimpse the horizon with road-weary eyes
and a story to tell that’s beyond my control
How long? How long before I can sleep?
I’ve fought and have crawled to the eye of the storm
though it’s safe and secure here I have been warned
From Hell I will climb a mountain so steep
but it’s worth every step for the wisdom I keep
I’ve witnessed the peak, but I could not stay
I cheated and lied and did it my way
and fell to the darkness of death beginning anew.

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