Exhaustion – 8/3/15

The hurt, the pain of so many years
living with the same burden
it weighs on me like an anchor, a stone on a chain
I want to rest and find relief

The touch of another would shatter the ice
the longing I feel to receive comfort
thousands of years I’ve been awake
and wishing to dream just one lasting dream

I’m so tired. After having witnessed these
long millenia through hazed eyes, these deaths
and illusions without rest
I long for the sword through my heart
to end it all and find peace.

I love this creation, these souls like mine
most of which are living blind
The ache I feel is for all of them
To explode this love would save them all

It sounds like a lie, a drunken farce…
but there’s truth in my tale that runs deep
I’ve seen the rising and falling of man
So many times like a scar on my arm
there to remind me how I love them all
with each exhausted breath that I take.

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