From Here to There and back again…A drifter’s tale – 2/10/15

Let go, let go, the spaces line up
and I drop through to the grid-gilded dome
Full of everything and yet nothing to hold
A closet, a chamber, a collection of things
all bright and shiny and space in between
It is Here that I was and not where I am
Unwanted things, a room for the damned
Windows and doors and pictures kept clenched
by the growth of the ego’s cancer and wrench
I pace back and forth for time is unwound
A Hells-worth of keepsakes must never be found
The pain and the ugly and all seven deadly
How long? How long astray have I led me?
What this? All this! This is not my world!
for I’ve fought and have clawed down this drain pipe I’ve swirled
Ten years I’ve been soiled for I could not repeat
that unmasking humility found once in retreat
“Stand up you FOOL! Stare down that reflection!
…for twas you, not I you kept for collection
Both pity and pride run in a coward’s direction
Break down and reach naked for the one open hand
offered sans condition to your soul in the sand
These lifetimes spent seeking the Queen to no man.”
Here I’ve been lost, but There I am free
for the love that I sought in those binary eyes was the key
Alone and in silence with vibration and waves
once again with the others who know and who gave
Goddesses and Gods freed from the grave.


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