Relief – 2/23/14

Far too distant memories of the past
cover me like a thick quilt on a warm night
Indifferent walls house the dark silence
that smothers my mind and dims my sight
The ache of another day of solitude becomes
a pulse which lets my heart know it can still beat
Another month, another year inhaling deep
around the throb as my hope and sinking dread compete
I’ve seen the book of my life lying open
in the beckoning sunset of my death
I gaze in eager longing behind my heavy eyes
at the cover as it closes in the sigh of my last breath
But now I am awake and walk alone as I must
toward the raven-haired comfort of my dreams
I am calm as I listen and disregard fear
for the unfolding now and time as I thought
are far from what they might seem

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