The Endless Diner – 2/5/13

It builds and builds up again and again
until the load makes my brain feel like a clenching fist
. . .and I need to get away and ease my mind with a wish
I need a dim yellow light and the smell of kitchen grease,
refills on my coffee for comfort
. . .and enough on the menu to keep me from thinking
I try to remember her name tag,
but I’m already wondering how the cigarette is going to smell
mixed with the exhaust of my leaving
She smiles at me for a living and I smile back for a hopeless wish
. . .that  she might have the same longing for leaving as me
I could cross the country five times over
and still she’d be out there serving someone who doesn’t care
With her tired eyes and dark brown hair
pulling my gaze from the table when I know I shouldn’t
Tipping the price of breakfast when the other guy wouldn’t
. . .And when it’s time to go, my dreams melt like butter
on the pancakes of my hope and I know I’ll see her again
. . .and again and imagine the stories she’d tell
when I go home alone.


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