What is this sh*t? You ask?

All entries were created by myself from age 18 to the present and are here for preservation purposes mostly and just in case someone stumbles upon it and would like to take a look into my world.  As the site evolves, I see it becoming more of a “Live Journal” than a blog.

As a young teenager, I became interested in writing, but could not come up with stories that would go anywhere beyond one or two pages.  Fueled by ridiculous amounts of pot and the whimsical, psychedelic lyrics of the 1960’s, I started writing “poetry.”  I loved the challenge of rhyming words together whether they meant anything or not.  Most of them in the early days don’t make much sense to the average reader, (or even me for that matter) however, as I aged and my experiences on the road of life became more mature and expanded, so did my writing.

Without college or any formal literary education, I’ve learned more and gained more wisdom from reading, driving, and traveling around the country and getting into strange and sometimes unbelievable scenarios than all of the public education I have received.  My intention is only to share the behind the scenes part of my life, the oftentimes dark and private corner that has remained mostly obscured.  Hopefully someone might get something from it.


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