The Opposite Man – 4/11/04

Have you heard news of the Opposite Man?
He sleeps while he runs around in Opposite Land
It seems quite strange how his up is his down
But he doesn’t really care if his smile turns to frown
Now Opposite Man used to know wrong from right
Then the two rearranged once when digging in flight
You can see how this turmoil could trouble the man
who knew who he was before Opposite Land
On one afternoon he was sitting quite still
watching the ducks flapping under the hill
Then a duck turned around and the two eyes crossed
It carried the look of the man who was lost
It was all the confusion that the man couldn’t stand
yet it’s all very clear there in Opposite Land
He fell to the ground near the chill of the fire
to put an end to the madness was his only desire
He cried out and wept; he could take it no more
So hard that his silence had opened a door
Now his heart it was churning, his mind was in stir
He crawled backward through the door, it was all such a blur
A voice spoke the truth and he was no longer scared
So much he had suffered that his life could be spared
But there was one thing he still could not understand…
How had he become such an Opposite Man?
Time never passed though his days seemed so long
and the rules did not exist, but breaking them felt wrong
He invented the game and he lost the first hand
For there is no such thing as Opposite Land


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