Trying to Remember – 3/24/04

There are so many pictures in my mind
The places that I’ve been and the faces I was with
Now many of them are gone as I continue to unwind
All of my old friends have turned to memories
I hear music and I see the greatness of our time
The nights were so much fun
when that smell was in the air
and it’s gone and left the memories
When I see a photograph I have to smile
and wipe the tears out from my eyes
It gets to be too much sometimes
to never really know the reasons why
but I’m trying to remember…
So when I sleep I’ll have a friend
who’ll never watch me die
and I can wake and face the new day…
I know it’s time to start all over
and store away these memories in my head
Just forget them for a while
and live and try to make new ones instead
But on every road I travel
there are windows to the past
and it’s hard to look away
I remember it all so clearly…
but the ones I loved are gone
and there’s nothing I can do
except laugh at all the memories

Mar 24, 2004

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