She makes me angry, she makes me sad
I often forget all the good times that we had
because she’s crazy I get confused
I’m spending all my time wondering what to do

I think it’s better now that we’re apart
Though I was cruel and broke her heart
it had to happen before we die
I’ve got to live my life even if I don’t know why

She sees a mean dude, but deep inside
there is a nice guy who thinks he’s got to hide
from the madness and blend right in
to watch the world cry and fall apart again

I want to get out from my protective cave
and see the difference between a blind man and a slave
There is a warning for all the bad times to come
so we can try to change and return to where we’re from

I see it happening when I go outside
I want to vomit and curl up and die
but losing my lunch doesn’t help anymore
There must be something, something can be done

All of the women in the world can’t change me now
I found out something but I don’t know how
I’m going to live out all the rest of my days
Anything could happen in so many ways


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