Someone who can love me – 2/26/04

I know that love is confusing at times
It never lets you go
but I love you and I am the fool
for thinking you could understand me
The secret that you think I have
is another of life’s mysteries
I could tell you, but you’re so naive
that you think that I’m cruel to you
I try, but not hard enough
to give you the best I can do
I’ve been wrong many times
and feel bad for what I put you through
I’ll always be the best guy for you
till you know what you’re here to do
If you listen to my side of love
you might find that I’m a good man
When is too much enough?
to let go of the friend you could have?
I’m not perfect you know
I am insane, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong
There is someone who can love me the way that I am
I won’t have to search for too long


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