Dream in Another Part of Town – 2/23/04

I only meet girls like you when I’m so far away from home
It only strengthens my notion that I just gotta go
It doesn’t matter where, just anywhere but here
’cause I don’t need to keep living in this perpetual state of fear

I’ll move to Ol’Wyoming, I’ll move to Oregon
Gotta go and find my lady just as she is moving on
I don’t know what it is that won’t let me settle down
Just seems there’s more to life in another part of town

I’ve only been home a week now
and can’t wait for the next long ride
Just a certain kind of letter from a certain kind of girl
and the road is left to decide

She had everything I’m looking for
at least as far as I can tell
The rest is up to me
but not all by myself

It makes me feel like life is young
not cold and waiting for the end
I’ve felt it all before
But it’s new each time again


. . .Now I can say I chased a part of my dream
across the cold country to the smell of green
what I found were pieces of life
and nothing’s the way it seems

No longer half-empty, I can feel
So different that nothing seemed real
High and away in the calm of the eye
A chance for change about to arrive.

March 2004

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