What you wish for – 2/22/04

When he opened up his eyes that day
he didn’t have a clue
if he was still living
or if his other life was through
and what it was he had to do…

Oh, the car that he was driving
was a classic Chevrolet
and it never needed fueling or repairs along the way
with an endless pack of cigarettes
and a lifetime in a never-ending day

So he drove out to the desert
trying to find his way
Was there something he was looking for. . .
a place where he could stay?
and then it fell upon him
like a weight he couldn’t cast away

“Eggs, hash browns, and coffee please,
smoking, just for one”
“Oh, I’d love to take her with me just as soon’s her shift is done.
And we’d drive and tell our stories
as we headed for the setting sun”

He left alone from that cafe another evening when
he was listening to the radio and that same old song again
it was Turn The Page as always
and as always was his only friend

Well he learned a lot about this life
most of us will never see
He’d been outside of time now for that damned eternity
and he knew the road six ways
from mile marker 83

He had no choice in the matter at least that he could tell
Would this driving never end?
“Am I in heaven or in hell?”
…then he questioned the alternative
and realized it all too well…

Oh, the road controls the man who drives
and treats it like his own
you get lost in feelin’ lonely and start longing for a home
then the sun breaks through and hits your face
and you know you’re never really alone

Was the girl he left behind in Billings now just a memory?
like a light post on the highway side helping him to see?
He closed his eyes and there she was
just like things used to be

There are simple rules to recognize
and they won’t go away
there are some things that you want to change
and some you want to stay
But you’ll never get just what you want
Till you forget about the time of day

He never knew how far he’d come until it had to end
he was rough and tired and weary
and wanted for a friend
But he only needed one night’s rest
and was itching for it all over again. . .and again.


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