Ain’t Stayin’ Put – 1/16/04

Well I’ve spent my whole life wonderin’
from the same place I was born
dreaming dreams and living along the way
It’s cold here and it’s lonely
and I’m the man who’s thinkin’
that I’ll die here just the same if I stay

With my eye fixed on a vision
that seems much too far to focus on
I’m standing getting older the wrong way
My mind, it needs wisdom and my heart needs a woman
who’ll understand my leavin’ the next day

Oh, I don’t know where I’ll be
in a year from now if I’m still free
But I sure as hell won’t be sittin’ here
’cause I gotta find my life in the time that I got left
or it just won’t be life enough for me

I picture my beard as long as the road that I have traveled
and a funny kind of feelin’ deep inside
Somewhere the sun will be settin’
where I can’t keep from laughin’
But I won’t stay put there long enough to cry

Oh, I won’t know who I’ll be
in the next world that I have seen
and there ain’t much I can do about it now
‘cept for keep on doing what I please
and chasin’ down all my dreams
’till I finally hit the dust and start again


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