Wrong number – 1/6/04

You just called the wrong number
You woke the wrong man from his slumber
Built your headquarters from the wrong lumber
It makes me sick
Sad and sick and I cry from the thought
I’ve got two lives now, split down some middle
We are very much the same now and then and again
When I died, I could remember when
I thought my sins were paid for
I never killed a man with my hands
but I suffer with my mind and from it, I die again
I have escaped the synthetic sunset
I have clawed and bit in its yellow light
From the beginning, up the ladder I climbed
and will no longer fight to fall
No more an illusion is life’s great retirement party
I have seen my hope bleed, my death and birth
The intricate trick designed for laughter at pain?
Lift your wicked veil for it is of no use any longer
Torment me while I am willing and weak
I know the secrets and I am old and hurt
I have known prisons in other existences
that hold more honor than this mockery of youth
My tears have caused a rainstorm of bloodshed in comparison
and I have done my time in Hell


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