The Blaming myself for No friends Blues – 1/1/04

The years go by gone and keep coming on
always expecting better than the last
cause change is constant and nothing’s an accident
If change will never be the same, I can finally lose my accent

I try for friends and have cried for love
Come one, come all and come again…
But I can be lonely when I’m not alone
Happens when I feel like being me and not a friend

Once you know how bad life can be
it feels like God has turned and walked away
and it’s hard to see the sunshine
even on a cloudless day

The worse I feel, the less I say that my friends want to hear
Alone in a world with different minds
Is there anyone who cares?
A thought I take to sleep with me and answered by my dreams
Maybe not, or have I been standing on my grave
I could understand another’s heart
but it’s mine I want to save

What kind of person does it take to be a friend?
I’ve been around a dozen or more
and have lost them all the same
Is it the place I’m in, or just me that is to blame?


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