Memories of Lockview – 12/29/03

It was cloudy, cold, and misting rain the day they drove to meet their fate. And the air had a quality not unlike a death row hall. Weary from the night before, no sleep to rest their acid eyes, worn beyond their years, two wanderers fought back the tears and the road had a better sound than the places where they came from. And little did they know, although a feeling deep inside told them not to go…”Turn back, there are many other roads to take!” And the border wasn’t far away and if it had been another day…who knows?…Who knows?
Now just a bite to eat will set their broken hearts straight. Are there any last words to speak to the dim lights in the dining room? There were anchors on the walls and feelings of regret. Will they see again the friends and the strangers that they met? Sitting there at The Lockview, it was hard to force a smile. For the last month all they had loved so much now seemed just like a little while.
But “Carry on we must” was the feeling both had shared and seldom again in this life will they ever feel so scared as when they pulled up to the station and were asked to remove their hats and clothes and stand there shaking…”Please read the sign upon the wall.” He cried and felt like dying would be nothing after this, for the part of him still living at all belonged to the guards standing ten feet tall. Now all they had was each other and the memories of Lockview in the tired misting rain.


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