Cold December air – 12/29/03

All this cold December air has made me lose my hair
and all my warm emotions have gone south
Must be the time of year for life to turn to fear
While I wait for the bus to come for me

I have lived and I have died but never crucified
though I pray for God to take me on my way
In this cold December air, night’s dreams are all I have
They offer hope for a death that’s brighter than today

The new life is coming soon that’s closer to the sea
I might rid my mind of the demons that torture me
The icy tears I cry have fixed my distant stare
to a place far from this cold December air

I have chased my love away in this cold December air
Confusion takes the hand of anger
and stands steady at my door
I could make a deal so I could get through, but what for?


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