If I could see… – 12/13/03

If I could dance with a girl in a field of flowers
I might think I know what life is for
If she remembered that in the cold of winter
and danced with me when the sun is gone
I could believe that I had so much more

If I could run down the streets when it’s pouring rainin’
and stop for a while in the middle of it all
I would lie in the street and laugh at nothing
because freedom exists every time I fall

…And what would I do with a love inside me?
Would I wait till the end of the world I know?
I could close my eyes on a silent desert mountain
and ask my friends in the sky to come claim my soul

If I could find someone who would understand me
when I say there is more to the lives we lead
We could do all the things we were meant to do here
for God is the Self that the I can’t see


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