The Perfect Loss – 12/4/03

Of all the places where you’ve looked
you’ve seen only what eyes can receive
The sight of the image that time allows
expecting something new around every turn
Waiting for the moment to recognize you
Buying the surprise by giving up hope
and still you must lose it all
if ever to find what you never knew you wanted

There is a loss more beautiful than the perfect sky
A pain that removes you from the world
The beginning of the song you only listen to alone
Wanting everything to end when it already has
Love is the crying of tears you never had
What it must feel like to finally die…
and the reason why it doesn’t matter

Of all the places I’ve been
All the lives I have seemed to have led
are just pictures in a book
Pictures that take me away from the words that hurt to read
The parts of my life I always try to return to
are the stories that end when it feels like the time to begin
The moments that could last forever if nothing ever changed

Everyone disappears except for the one who isn’t there
On the rainy day that fades into the saddest sunset
my mind has ever known
And somehow it feels like the right place to be
The only place where the time stands still
and the most beautiful memory cried me to sleep


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