The same – 11/25/03

I get so confused sometimes about life
how to live and how to die
All I do is ask me why it’s gotta be so hard
when all I need is easy
The weather makes me cry when it’s cold outside
and I die just the same when the sun hits my eye
or it’s just about to rain
and I wonder why when it’s all so easy

All the love that comes and goes
All the while I feel alone
and I’m buried inside with a window to the world
that I let myself look through
All the life that passes by
It’s all so different to me now
and it’ll never be the same
cause I spend all my time just looking outside
for a key to where I hide
but I’m wasting my time cause I locked myself in
and I really want to leave

Take a walk down the road that I drove to get here
and maybe end up somewhere
Some place high enough to see what is happening to me…
and the stars all know my name
and we could talk about the time that I asked them for a hand
Something I could understand and never let go of
…and it all sounds the same
Every time I ask them why I am here all by myself
in a world that is my own
and it’s changing every day
And sometimes I must believe that I love it just the same


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