How has it come to be? – 11/03

How has it come to be
that everyone I know carries a mind so beautiful
that even if they don’t see with both eyes
the genius inside will capsize
all that is trying to hide

In day to day life I can’t seem to realize
I’m so blinded by anger and ego and greed
I could walk into a wall of love
and only know it when it falls…
I only wish it would fall on me

I could scream but someone might hear
I could try and be myself but I’m afraid of being free
Someone might get the right idea
and want to follow me

I’d build a fortress out of who they are
and only find the door after I tear it down
Only now it leads to the moat
and I might drown

Even if I die, I’ll be back again
to learn the things I’ve ignored this time around
Like a fool I lie and dream
of finding out why I’m here
People die every day from living in fear

I am ugly and I don’t like me
but I spend so much time staring that I become all that I see
Only one reality around a thousand illusions
It seems God has a bone to pick…
Perhaps he’s another delusion


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