The only thing missing – 10/31/03

Every day I look around me
guess I’m waiting for the sign
Almost figured it out; I could be having fun
All that I’ve found and everything I own
I’ve got it all; must be close
If I love life and accept death
that’s all I have to do
Realize that all we’re doing for all this time
is just passing through
It’s hard to believe, but it’s true
And once you know this and yourself
life seems all too simple to even write
How will you tell your friends?
…and is this the end?
Once in a while I can feel around me
Whether good or bad, it’s all there
and I have to smile
Life can change any time you wish
When you decide to be free
Everything is yours and yours is everything
It’s all in front of my face
The only thing missing is you


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