I’d like to find
the part of my life that I left behind
The time was wrong then and I was so blind
So I’ll make a new life today

Some people grow old
forget about the things that shine like gold
The simple thoughts that always seem so strange
Oh, just to remember again

I never had a girl
when I was young like I needed to be
out running round or climbing up in a tree
Scared of the things that really make somebody free
Dying like an angry old man

I used to dream
about the love I needed that needed me
High in the sky behind clouds and the sun
was the only place I wanted to be

I heard some things about the magic of love
but never felt or knew the way that it was
I caught a glimpse when I was fifteen
Saw life in a way that I’d never seen
and it turned my world around

It’s so easy to become like the man
before you know it you just don’t understand
Living gets hard and we all wonder why
We’re tired and hateful and asking to die

There is a world
where everyday is like the dreams of a child
All hope and sunshine and strangers with smiles
And I know that we’ll be there soon


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