Lonesome Radio – 9/03

Hearin’ the road inside my head
seeing my mind scattered all over the dusty road
and the sun never came
the songs all sound the same

It’s as if everyone died
Who could possibly be there
and the road knows my name
The night is black and there’s no one around

I almost wish that where I was going
was a little farther away
When you hear a song that wouldn’t play
If someone else was there

Driving through anywhere with the crackle of the voice you hear
Pulling over and sittin’ anywhere
at the only empty cafe in town
Right next to the jukebox where I couldn’t miss a sound

Then the green glow in the dashboard lights
reminded me of where I’ve been
A few of the places I’ve loved the most
They linger on faded like a ghost

And the radio plays the soundtrack to the movie I’ve never seen
But when I think about it hard enough
I recognize the end when the car drives off
and the rest is happening now and again


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