Oh, Mezcal – 9/5/03

Oh, Mezcal, you take away the time
I see symbols and all they are is objects
The same ol’ world, but it’s all on display
It’s all there for me to say…it’s all an illusion

I know some things about this place in front of me
but what was there yesterday might not be here today
Age defies a nation full of wonder
I don’t ever leave this place; it’s still so close to me

The years go by and all that’s here is me and what I see
Everything is washed up in a pile like the river
running through the trees who dump knowledge down for free
All you have to do is watch and it’s there for us to see

But close your eyes and listen to the fire
The ancient men all knew what was about
this Earth a thousand years ago
It’s the same and it will die…


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