Closer – 8/24/03

I see a frightened boy sitting holding a cat
A house on a street as if in a painting
A man with a beard standing on a rock with raised arms
A barking seal on an iceberg facing the sun
A fireplace with two chairs and a rug
The wall of a castle in the dark
and a path of music stretching to the outer reaches of black infinity

I swam to a round door at the bottom of the sea…
and imagined it opened
The light got brighter until no further I could go
I must have doubted what it is I know

I see myself glowing yellow in the universe
Balls of light entering my body
My old mind lies on a small table; parts have been removed
I know there is still a question as I enter…
and no longer am alone
I reach for the hand of my father
and feel as I’ve been shown
Humanity drowns in hate and I return to Earth a man


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