Livin in a bubble blues – 8/21/03

It’s like I’m livin’ inside of a bubble
I remember what it’s like to be outside
but don’t know what to do to break through
So I’ll roll around, maybe go for a ride

What a fucking bi-polar summer
Jumping from a cloud to the ground
All the good things come without warning
then it’s back in the bubble and there’s no one around

I could live any way I want to
Drive the van to a hole in the wall
get a job in the state of Vermont
or never have to work again at all

It’s kinda weird to wake up to nothing
Never thought it’s turn out like this
Feeling dead to a world full of something
It does no good but I can’t help but wish…

That I was livin’ on top of the moment
like I was before things fell apart
What a time to be alive
To take a chance on a brand new start

I could leave to anywhere I want to
take the bus to a happy place
Walk across the great state of Texas
or grow a large beard on my face


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