Free fire thinkin’ – 8/18/03

I’ve got no place to hide
but the water over the rocks tells more truth than lies
I think I’ll stay and have my whiskey here
The fire’s high and there’s a gap in the trees
where the moon’s about to rise

When the stars call the sparks to dance
I’ll take off my hat and take another drink
The light is the same in a world of war
but now I can finally sit down to think

I’ll think of the women that tease my eye
and how I could drive into the heat of the West
I may never go but certainly can’t stay
where the coffee’s as bitter as the burden on my chest

A comet soared through the early morning
and the flame seemed to grow
A pull off the pipe when the bottle’s empty
convinced me more than yesterday that it’s my time to go

I’m not sure today, but tomorrow I’ll know
what it is to be dead in a body that sees
The love of the birth and the wonder of death
and when my mind is at ease
I think I’ll do what I please; go where I please


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