The only one at the end – 8/9/03

A few lives ago when I was called a child
being a kid was just something I tried to do
I didn’t understand why everything was so big, so tame
kept on a leash with the information to live in the wild
Childhood lost in a misunderstanding
A life in a universe kept hidden
in a box that no one’s seen for a while
Expected to smile with a face like a mirror
of a world wearing a frown
Climbing up a shaky ladder looking down
An angry mind knew something’s missing
It must be me cause no one wants to die

Stuck in a coloring book with a black crayon
filling in the lines with future passing me by
An old man died leaving nothing but regret
Another one born with a crippled leg and an opened eye
Looking toward the sky for a map to a road seldom traveled
Where was I all this time and why so cold?
Just then the quilt I needed for warmth suddenly unraveled
A truth so huge was masked by so many tiny lies
The plans are open for a new day, but when do I leave?
Like so many of the great things in life, it comes by surprise
Expecting while waiting makes it harder to see
Follow that road on that map in the stars in the sky
Maybe the plans of old are the same as the task of new
Perhaps the only one waiting at the end of the road
will be you…


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