Know the sunset – 8/4/03

Sometimes I find that if I hold a smile just right
I’ll think of what’s new and won’t have to worry
I’m not depressed, just wanna see what it’s like
I’m not what you call sad, cause today I’m feeling alright

Don’t know where you’re going? That’s okay
as long as we don’t know together
He’s right, you’re right, I just don’t know how to choose
I’ll go where I might be seen along the way

Summer’s gone, but it’s alright
cause the fall makes you feel alive
The man who said that has been wrong before
but that doesn’t mean he IS wrong

I see a gravel road and it’s the color of orange
a wild range that I’ll never reach, even if I knew about time
I’ll go someday and if I die along the way
I’ll know the sunset there and everything will be arranged


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