Five miles of beard – 8/4/03

Five miles of beard and a smell in the air
I’ve smelt it before but I’m not sure where
Now I know for sure
The sight grows blurry when my mind is clear
I’ve seen you here before I died
Now I’m born and they’ll never recognize me
I may never know for sure…
My life could end again soon
but now that we’re acquainted, I’d like to come with you
Maybe get to know each other on the way
If I told you where I’m going, we might drift apart
So tell me where you’ve been and it won’t matter

Five miles of beard and a friendly eye
If I hear that song, I’m sure I’ll cry
Getting closer to the real reason
But how can I be sure?

What do I do now? She looks like all the others
I know I have to go but another pot of coffee
seems like the way to make up my mind
my life is in a bind
I never thought it would be like this…it’s all in my mind
I guess I’m a seeker like she’d have to be
in order to find an answer in a man like me
How far do I go inside the dream?
I’ll have to stop just when it’s not the way it seems


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