I stopped at a playground
when the rain started to come down
Went swinging on the swings all alone
Then talked to myself through an underground telephone

When the rain let up, I kicked off my shoes
Climbed to the top to receive the news
Then the clouds went away and the sun shined down
When I opened up my eyes there was no one around

I could see the way it was before anybody came
and the leaves on the trees didn’t need to know my name
As I stood at the top of the perch in the air
the sun answered with the wind blowing through my hair

I asked it what should I do to let the other people know
that the only way to live is to let yourself go
Then I slid down the slide and shuffled around
until a sign emerged from the sandy ground
It said, don’t try to fight, let the evil people win
cause when all is said and done, they’ll be left behind again


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