One night I thought about the girl I’m about to lose
Which way I had to go and why I had to choose
I’m flying into space and she’s floating on a breeze
Please Lord, please! Let her down gently away from me

Oh, I wish we could go and waste out time
being comfortable with who we are
Out on the sea in a boat of our own
drifting away from the chance of change and never straying too far

I love her more than the concept of us
that’s keeping me on my knees
knelt in the prison I’ve built around our love
Follow no more, oh child of Earth, for you possess the keys

I leave now on a quest for truth to a place chosen for me
Into the darkness I must go to find my enemy
I will return to her a wiser man
who has seen beyond the dream

How many lives before us now are lived accordingly?
Take me as I am and will be as I must do the same
With her on my side forever
I pray in this continuing game


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