Joni – 5/13/03

As I fumble through the thoughts of love and life
I wonder where I was when you wrote
I wish that you had heard me when I thought
and we could have been another sad song together

I think of all the girls I want to meet
and blend the good and bad with right and wrong
You were the one that kept me up when I couldn’t sleep
You cried to me and I was blue, and blue is better than black

If we bumped shoulders in Paris
I’d reach for your hand in eye contact
Your smile would catch you tear
and I’d drop the rose I carried for someone

Why are the ones who seem to be for me
So far out of reach? I can’t just listen and wait
for you to sing in my ear and leap out of my guitar
and run with me in the rain in the street

I want the same as you, but she wants me home tonight
If you’re the same like me
I’ll probably run away
before I love you as I want to


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