Of all the friends I’ve known, how many know who I am?
Who of all the people know where we’re going?
Can they see what’s up ahead
inside the part that is seldom showing?

I have seen land in the drawing of a ship
and stars in the sea of time
I was born and have died in the dark of night
and felt freedom in the conviction of a crime

We have known friends and brothers
with a glass half full and a cup made from a child
They have seen the truth and have heard the lie
forgetting how to smile

The ones who come back with a new question
about an answer they thought they had
are left guessing until knowing
that the sky isn’t asking for anyone to be sad

Do we know who we are and what kind of life
is to be chosen from around us?
In time some may go and others might fade
from the life that will surround us


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