Whiskey, the Moon, and me – 2/27/03

You know, whenever I feel like this
I picture myself in a bar with the entire bottle
I don’t like drinkin’ but whiskey seems the cure for this
How much longer before I gotta crawl?

My best friend is my enemy and the clock on the wall
Whattah you do when you don’t want to live?
‘Cause dying in an offering and I ain’t got much to give
I can see my new-old beater sittin’ a mile away
It’ll probably move before I do and that won’t be today

Once again I’m losin’ and I haven’t lost it all
If I’d only kept the courage I dropped a while back
I could tell my girl that I want to leave
and hope she doesn’t fall

‘Cause when I feel like this, it looks like snow
It’s cold and dark and the sun won’t tell the moon
where it needs to go
But the moon and I are shakin’ hands once again
I’ll go cry for a girl I haven’t met
and he’ll keep pouring till I say when

It almost seems funny sometimes, you know…
to feel bad like dyin’ and wantin’ to be alone
Friends give up when you need ’em the most
when my reflection in the moon just might be a ghost

I sleep less when the nights are long
and all through the day I ask to be set free
to have a dream and wake up to a song
a note of understanding whiskey, the moon, and me


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