Same name – 2/2003

I had a friend a long time ago
We had the same name in a different way
We drove down the same road and we weren’t alone
But I didn’t know

Back then I couldn’t see where my life was falling
Thoughts went fast as the time went slow
Close to the bottom was all I knew
but it couldn’t be

All the days spent exploring
Where would we end up this time?
Any place, any time, we’d be there laughing
You can’t find a tear when the rain is pouring

I once knew a friend and a much different life
We were the dreams that kept us awake for days
The fire in our eyes caught the fields of my mind
and from the ashes grew trees we climbed to see past the haze

It was all one long restaurant conversation
Memories filled the ashtrays of our time
A simple meal of fate served with a vision
Staring at me from an empty plate

The night is only lasting forever
as long as the sun doesn’t show
Friends can be friends but only for life
if their love doesn’t wind up below


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