For granted – 1/16/03

The sun sets on the past
I always thought it would last
At least long enough to find my way through the night
I thought I knew that I could see
It was a perfect morning
Enough clouds to know that they’re there
Everywhere was the laughter I needed
Yesterday I died and didn’t care
The morning after my tears were the dew drops
that twinkled a thousand times
I thanked the sky for being gray
I loved the trees for shedding their leaves
and took for granted knowing you
I can smile if you don’t cry
Sometimes I cry anyway just to see if I still care
I drown myself when I think of you not here
and that’s how I know I really love
I never said what I thought when I knew it would help
You only know what I think when I don’t want to live
I remember when everything was going to be alright
We forgot to save the picture
I’d pray every day to never have to fight
But who is ever really listening?
I can tell there’s a sunrise on the other side of the world
that would show us what side we’re on
I’ve seen it before and I was alone
All I ever asked for is to live and fly
and to feel a hand in mine to share the view
of a new day more beautiful than the sight of itself in your eyes


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