Those who may, will – 1/12/03

There are those who will and those who won’t
Those who don’t may never know
For may is a word of uncertainty
Uncertain of the love that I share in silence
A silence so deep it’s felt through the sounds of reflection
A love reflected in the sounds of a silent smile
They are a part of me I’ve never met in person
A person not dead or living, but breathing the love I exhale
When will that breath be felt by the souls who return it?
When will I be a soul who deserves it?
I can only strive to pass on the comfort I feel when I’m alone
Never truly lonely as long as I listen
Listen to the love sung to me by those who have heard
The crying of solitude in an ear full of companions
Allies to cry to so those who may will believe
Believe me when I say to those who will that I love them
all differently and the same as those who may someday
know that I love them until the end


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