Too Untitled – 11/26 & 12/13/02

On a warm moon that only some can see
life does not end the way it does for you and me
There are no names, no rank, no age
Just enough space for us all to play
You are there to let go when no one else does
They escape you and I when reason runs dry
Time seems to rest for the time that you forgot
Forget about the difference between loneliness and solitude
and remember that friends aren’t just pictures of faces


I would like to move across the Atlantic
where perhaps the Hell there wouldn’t burn
down my hopes of moving on
The road continues into tomorrow
whether I’m on it or somewhere trapped
with the freedom I wrapped in chains
On the rafter of a moonlit ceiling
hangs the key to the cage
I could see the shining reflection
if I’d only pick up my head
Why do I pray for my place among the dead
when my view could so easily change?
As I look through my windows,
all I see is the scenery of memory
While I remain still in a world of dreams

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