Out of context – 11/17/02

I don’t know where I am going
or where I came from…
I have seen things that may or may not exist
How do I know how to live for half a century?
As it seems I must travel alone…but why?
Will I ever share the journey so that I can close my eyes
and never see the terrible things I create for me
Will I dance into forever or will I crawl away?
All I do is ask for somebody to believe in
A dream perhaps or a vision to hold on to
Pictures of the way it has always been

Outside the window and behind the curtain
the man of the sun brushes me with his rays
as beautiful women dancing lay blankets of colors
It has always been this way
just look at the sky and you will know
In a glance I noticed what was real and began to drift away
Where am I now?


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