Suite: CSN – 9/21/02

Every time I listen, my face is too small for my smile
The feeling, the harmony, music hasn’t been like that for a while
But it will never die as long as my ears can hear
Like a light to find my way when all is not too clear

It gives me hope that we can join together with one voice
When everything is wrong in the world these days
at least we have the choice
Let your freak flag fly so even the dead can see
what a change you can make when you feel free

Crosby, you remind me that heroes are not of the past
Sing your song so slow with your life so fast
Stills, a rebel of sound with your fine Southern wit
A genius with words and many hands
taking music where you see fit
Nash, sing me to sleep with your voice like a dream
I love your gentle, true spirit flowing through me like a stream

Tell us your stories of fact and fiction and fun
The ups and downs of playing with Neil Young
Serenading the Woodstock generation and many more
Inspiration to live life as it is and what love is really for

No one speaks to me the way you do
Some close in times of old, but nothing new
So move me with your vocal orgasm and give me wings
to soar high above trouble and whatever the future brings


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