Not over yet – 9/18/02

A fire is burning me from the inside out
and I don’t know why life kindles its embers
The world around me has shown me hatred
and I want no part of its darkness

I am not the only one who breathes its smoke
and I fear the ones who exhale
A vision of peace lies suffocated in my head
and when it dies, I too will die with a blackened heart

Had my time already passed?
Should I have died when I saw the light?
What is this virus that conquers my mind?
I lie awake with curtains of suffering and pray for an hour of silence

I do not wish for death, only for rest
I do not care for life if love has left
I have danced on the clouds with nothing
Born of hatred below me

Where has this life gone? And will I ever have control enough
to find it so I can give it all away?
I don’t want to poison the Earth with evil
But it’s already in my blood and I am wounded…


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