Out there – 8/30/02

I’ve changed my mind again and I don’t want to die
like so many times before
There is a world out there that I’ve only seen
through eyes that I’ve lost in the past
I long to go again outside the land of dreams
To smell and see and hear without waking in sadness
We don’t need the regretful memory of a realm
touched only by extended hands to the ones who cannot return
So I ask myself, how is it that I’ve landed
so deep in a hole when there’s mountains
I’ve climbed not too far from reach…
How do I return?
There is love out there existing out of time
and the clocks I ask for guidance only teach me hatred
The wings I need to soar over rivers of truth
are burned by the lies we try so hard to believe
Where is the life that keeps me from dying
so that my mind doesn’t change
and death finds my soul prepared with a song
and not a prayer


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