Eyelid Movies – 8/29/02

Wondering who you are? Where you are going?
You used to know what it felt like to be alive
How could you forget? The wave you were on is still flowing
All this while waiting in line alone

“Just one please,” and the door shuts behind
Now you know who you’re going to be tomorrow
but what’s tomorrow until it arrives?
A puzzle whose pieces are all of your lives?

Never mind and close your eyes
It’s your turn to fly
Fly away from your life
At least the life you worry about…

The adventures, the stories, of who you ARE
when you’re NOT who you are
and when you leave alone, that’s WHAT you are
Just because you’re not suffering doesn’t mean it’s not real

Reality is to feel your dreams losing touch
of the theater in your mind
and yesterday is gone
So move on…


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