Good Night – 8/8/02

Are we having a good time yet?
Are we having fun?
When I’m dead I’ll wish I would’ve seen the world
Day by day it lies in the back of my skull
A tumor that tells me there’s a cure
Would I be more useful if I were blind?
Same thing, life and death, they’re all the same
But we need to have control
Without control something might just go right
We gotta fuck it up
More ingredients here people or we’ll never get out ALIVE!
Another wall to the maze
Cuz God forbid we ever sit idle and think
Every one of us solitary fuckers are alone…
Who do you have to wake up to?
And will they still be there a year from now?
The collective spirit is a dream that I forget by noon
We all get lied to
Pretty soon we’re living in a hole!
My friends that taught me life show me how to DIE!
It’s all the same, life and death
Half the time when you’re sleeping you can’t tell
the difference if it stabbed you in the back
Everyone is scared of being stabbed in the back
Truth is a figment of the imagination
A dream pieced together by the LIES
of the ones you thought would help you!
Are we having fun yet?


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