Every passing minute – 7/18/02

A small duck swims slowly toward the shore of a lake before the sunrise as I am dying inside. Four raccoons gather in the middle of a quiet road at two a.m. and never wonder why. Music is playing loudly while a child lies awake in fear of his father. Youth was fun and grows farther away each time we look back so why bother?
We all know the difference between life and death while we are alive, but when a woman is beaten by her husband because of a bad day at work, will she know when she’s dead? Think about what’s been said and where we hide. After a good movie, night or day, try looking up when outside.
Two young lovers divided by the ocean see the same constellation and a tear falls to the ground. A deaf man loses his legs to a bomb built by hate and never hears a sound. A starving girls’ lunch is spent on a death row gas chamber and blames her mother for giving birth.
How many times have we lied to our loved ones and went to sleep knowing it was for the best? Does a tuskless elephant waste its last thought feeling sorry for itself? Life is a race run by cheaters who love their dog less than they love wealth. Everyone knows right from wrong and still we steal to afford to forget.


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