I was gone and now I am back
I have dreamed and now I am awake
I have killed and now I give life
I have hated and now I love

Another chance is set before me now in the shadow
A second, third, thousandth, lies once again
neath the curtain of forgiveness.
And O what do I do now…Take the loss my child of the Earth
and think not of how the past hath unfolded.
Dance upon the wind and let your seeds be sown O soul of sorrow
For you will feedeth upon their fruits and cry for more.
Weep into the night and less you shall receive…

You have lost and now you find
You have sunk and now you sail
You were blind and now you see
You have died and now you breathe

Failures of yesterday haunt me ever more.
My dreams skewer me and I cannot wake to bleed into my cup
Take without measure and yea will you know
The suffering of the ignorant
The eternal regret will fall onto the wicked and bridge a path
for souls of the spirit of walk upon forever


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